6.2 Miles: Long Distance in Longmont

Ok, so here’s the deal- I am not Hermione Granger, and therefore I don’t possess a time turner. If you don’t understand that reference, stop reading this blog and go read Harry Potter instead, or at least watch the movie. I guess you’d have to watch and/or read the first three though to get to the aforementioned time turner reference. I’ll wait.

All caught up? Good. It’s about time. You’re welcome by the way for introducing you to the magical world of Harry Potter. So back to the point- I am not Hermione Granger, and thus do not possess a time turner, so I can only fit so much into my schedule. Trying to write about EVERY single run I do leading up to my half marathon will do nothing but drive me insane. So, I’ll just give you the highlights. Try to hide your disappointment, will you??

Last weekend I ran a 10K in Longmont with the Endurance Racing Series. I could lie to you and say it was a phenomenal experience that changed my entire perspecitve on running and changed me as a person. But, that would be, as I just said, a lie.

It was early, although not nearly as early as some races. Yet waking up to a 6:45 alarm after a night of not-too-great sleep is a challenge. For me, at least. Maybe not for you. I finally got going after a few snooze cycles (is there anyone in the universe who actually gets up without snoozing??) and barely made it to the race start at 7:45 in Longmont, Colorado. My thought process throughout went something like “is this over yet?” on repeat followed by silence because of my exhaustion followed my my realization towards the end of the race that my upcoming half marathon was TWICE as long. Twice.

Will I survive?

Good news: the race packet for this 10K was amazing. A $40 gift card to a spa, coupons, and a really good shirt. It seems like a lot of races are all about the shirt. Anyways, here are the only pictures I took:

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