2.9 Miles: All Aboard the Struggle Bus

Yeah this run was… yeah. See the title. I ran with the pup again, although this time he was off leash. Yes, I am THAT irresponsible person. No but really, he was way more tolerable a running a partner when he was off leash, and he actually listened when I told him to stay or stop attacking the other runners (that last command was a joke, which I feel the need to point out so that no one reports me for allowing a dog to attack runners).

It was hot out, I was running on empty as I hadn’t built up proper energy stores by means of enough sleep, the dog was making me feel inadequate because of my running pace, and I accidentally stopped recording my run part of the way through meaning my distance wasn’t accurately measured anyways. My music was kind of okay I guess. It got me through. Hey, want to look at some pretty pictures?! I thought you’d never ask.



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