4.2 Miles: Wild Kingdom

I don’t know what to name this run. Maybe that should be the name of the run. Clearly I am feeling very creative (sarcasm). Man, I have been procrastinating writing this blog for so long. Now they are starting to stack up, I’m so behind! HELP!! Okay self, calm down, this is literally not a big deal at all. Okay self, thanks for the reminder. Okay, I am nice and calm now. So where was I? Oh yes, my 4.2 mile run from like four days ago now…

Oh! I just thought of a name for this run! I ran with a dog and I saw a huge fat toad on the trail so…wild kingdom? Yup, sounds good. The dog is so fast it is almost degrading. He and I stopped briefly near the creek, and guess who got bitten by a million skeeters? Not me! Just kidding, it was most definitely me. Seymour escaped unscathed by mosquitos (actually, I cannot confirm that…), but I was not so lucky. After the mosquito creek stop, we continued on, my confidence in my running ability waning with each step as I compared my stride to that of a dog (because that totally makes sense). At one point, I saw something lying on the trail but thought it was a rock, and I squealed like a little girl when it started hopping and I realized it was a fat, lumpy amphibian. I didn’t even know we had those here.

I felt super terrible and wanted the run to end for about a mile as usual, and then things got way better so I ended up running farther than planned, which hardly happens. Must have been my killer awesome playlist!


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