3.8 Miles: Holy Humidity!

So remember those ominous clouds I mentioned in my previous post? Well, they rolled back with a vengeance this morning, saturating the entire sky with their darkness. Wow, that sounded depressing. I guess I am just not used to grey skies living here in sunny Colorado. For some reason, I had trouble coming to the realization that it would rain later (because generally, clouds equal rain. It is simple weather math…) until I looked at the forecast.

Around three or four in the afternoon the heavenly flood gates burst open. The rain was relatively heavy until around 6:00, which worked out perfectly because the Flatirons Running Company Fun Run (which I generally write as a “fun” run, but today it was actually pretty fun so I can nix the quotations [because they indicate that fun is sarcastic]) 5K started at 6:15.

Holy humidity, it felt like running through soup. I was probably being sensitive, however; we are used to bone-dry air here in Colorado. At the start of the run, I felt aggravated, and feared that I would lash out and punch someone in my nearby radius. I am currently dog sitting for a friend, and brought Seymour with on the run. I bestowed upon my coworker of running alongside the canine athlete, whose running speed made me feel terrible about my own. When I was running at almost max speed, panting and wheezing for air, Seymour looked like he was walking at a comfortable pace.

I will say that this run went rather well. Around the first mile and a half or so I began to feel that familiar and unwelcome tinge of knee pain, but I surpassed it and it didn’t end up developing into anything debilitating. I found a comfortable pace, felt amped up by my music, and allowed my body to flow through the soupy air for 3.8 miles.

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