3.4 Mile: Mosquito Log

The run of the day hung over me like an ominous storm cloud. Ominous storm clouds also hung over my day like ominous storm clouds, so I decided to get my 3-ish mile run over with before the aforementioned ominous clouds expelled their ominous rain. Yes, I just took the record for most times ominous has been used in two sentences.

On Sunday, I enjoyed a run that was so pleasant I was suspicious of it. Every time I started to feel good, I gave myself shifty eyes (an expression that isn’t easy too give to yourself) and questioned my motives. Like, “hey brain, what makes you think you should be feeling good?! We are on a RUN. How stupid ARE you?!” Yet in spite of this positive run experience, I still dreaded the run on Monday. Sunday’s run was, after all, an anomaly and nothing more.

When the sky started to darken, I took its threat for rain more seriously. I told my coworkers of my goal to run 3.2 miles since I did 3.1 the day before. Then, I walked down the office stairs and out the door, measuring my run with Strava and trying to amp myself up with some pumpin’ jams. Then my shoelace came untied. I was not off to a great start. I ran over the bridge up South Boulder road, and turned at the gate. My internal dialogue sounded something like this:

“Wow, this seriously sucks, this seriously sucks, this seriously sucks… but remember how awesome this felt yesterday? Ugh, now the fact that I had a SINGLE great run means I am going to forever feel disappointed when I’m not having a great one…how annoying. Hm, I guess I should stop at some point to try and awkwardly take some self-timer photos to post on my new blog… ok that area looks good. Holy crap has it really only been .1 miles?! Okay, I’m not going to look down at my watch until it’s been 1 mile. WHAT?? It’s been forever since I looked and it’s only been .2?! HOW is that possible!? I was hoping this song was going to be more inspiring… I need a better playlist.”

When I DID stop to take a photo I did so right next to the creek, and I propped my phone up against a tree trunk that ended up being FULL of mosquitos. So that was fun. You all better appreciate the awkward photo of me with my weird sorority girl arm below, because I incurred at least 20 skeeter bites because of it.

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