Oh, Hello There!

Hello reader. It is lovely to digitally meet you! My name is Marisa. I don’t LOVE to talk about myself, so I’ll limit myself to a brief intro. I live in Boulder, Colorado and am an avid climber, guinea pig owner, traveler, writer, and former runner slowly transforming into a current runner. Emphasis on SLOWLY.

I recently began working for a company based here in Boulder called Stryd. We make power meters for running. Visit our website to learn more! Wow, that got a little promotional…sorry guys. Now that I work with runners, I figured I may as well convert back into a runner again myself. A couple of years ago, it was rare for me to go a single day without running. Then, I developed knee pain and put running on the back burner except for running the Bolder Boulder 10K every year with my dad for the sake of tradition. A regular yoga practice alleviated some of the aforementioned knee pain, but not enough so that I could run more than 3 miles or so without pain.

Back to the present moment. On a bit of a whim last week, I signed up for about five races; mostly 10Ks, but also a half marathon. Yes. A HALF MARATHON. That’s like, half of a full marathon!! What was I thinking?! It is a few months away, but it can take that long just for the body to adjust to the stress of running. Goodie. Somehow, my knees have been handling this whole almost daily running situation quite well. I expected them to plan a mutiny against me, but at least up until now they haven’t. I probably just jinxed it!

So, I’d like to invite you to follow along on my training journey. It won’t be easy. It won’t be fun. Just kidding, I expect it to be at least a LITTLE fun. It will be more fun if I am accompanied by a digital cheer squad (which you are part of, just FYI). Who’s in?!


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